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Engagifii REVENUE

Get Paid + Get Transparency

Engagifii REVENUE is a centralized place for your organization’s finance team to manage payments and invoices across the system for all of the services that you provide to your members and non-members. By pulling data from each module that involves money in any way, it consolidates information about all of the revenue earned by the organization in one single place that is easy to analyze, simple to report and consistently current.

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Revenue is the lifeblood of your organization. See how Engagifii’s integrated platform enables Ray to easily manage his association’s revenue no matter the source — subscriptions, dues, classes, or events. Engagifii REVENUE gives you the tools to invoice, collect, and report on revenue associated with both individual and organization members.


Engagifii helps you automatically generate an invoice when someone registers for a training workshop, a class, an event or buys a product from your online shopping cart. Automatic notifications and reminders for unpaid invoices combined with internal notifications for past-due invoices will help you stay current on your Accounts Receivables.

Engagifii REVENUE allows your team to use custom-branded invoices, helping you to bring brand continuity to all of your messaging and invoices. Have a standard template across all the products and services that you sell, or create a special invoice template for your flagship event.

Whether you need to send invoices immediately, on a recurring basis, or based on certain programmed triggers throughout the platform (like an event registration), or scheduled for a specific date, the flexibility of Engagifii REVENUE allows organizations to get the correct billing communication out to the correct person at the optimal time.

When you send invoices via Engagifii they can be paid easily through your integrated payment gateway, making it as simple as possible to get paid on the invoices you send.


Every organization is unique when it comes to membership and their business model. Some people pay dues directly, some organizations pay dues on behalf of other people, and sometimes there’s a hybrid of both of those membership models. Engagifii’s flexibility allows you to manage membership and dues on your own terms.

Engagifii REVENUE allows organizations to flexibly manage dues through subscriptions that can be uniquely defined by price, frequency and duration, expiration, renewal frequency and more. No matter how you as an organization configure your membership dues, you can feel confident that Engagifii REVENUE has a configuration that will work to suit your needs, making transactions easy to execute and even easier to manage.

Almost all associations sell at least one service to their members in addition to membership dues and most sell multiple services. Engagifii REVENUE allows organizations to manage these services via subscriptions with varying parameters. Whether some services are for people only and paid by those people, or whether those services cater to entire organizations, you’ll be able to establish the needed flexibility and boundaries in the system to keep things simple for users. Services tend to have different pricing models , payment frequencies, and need a myriad of reports to be effectively managed. Engagifii REVENUE offers a happy combination of flexible and thorough to handle your toughest situations.

Engagifii REVENUE offers centralized and organization-wide revenue and accounting reports and is even able to generate object-specific revenue reports within various corresponding modules like Engagifii EVENTS and Engagifii ACCREDITATION. To get you started right away, reporting includes customizable widgets and popular reports and the ability to send a certain report at a regular frequency or on-the-fly as the data is fresh.

Engagifii REVENUE offers the ability to specify one or more Billing Contacts for each Organization. The “Member Organization Lead” (which changes depending on what type of organization you are) may specify if the organization requires the Billing Contact to approve every transaction/registration made by any member from their organization.


Without any expensive customization, Engagifii REVENUE integrates with around 15 different payment gateways. Our team also offers the ability to integrate with a custom payment gateway for reasonable additional cost.

Engagifii REVENUE can be integrated with one QuickBooks Online Account, under the assumption that the client is technically one organization. Engagifii will additionally offer, as a customization, the ability to integrate with more than one QuickBooks Online account. This deep connection between QuickBooks and Engagifii enables organizations to run their entire financial analysis through QuickBooks without having to do any manual invoicing and data transfer between the two systems.

In the future we plan to provide similar integrations with Microsoft Great Plains and several other Accounting Systems. If your needs are not served through the accounting systems that Engagifii syncs with, please discuss a custom implementation with your on-boarding specialist.