Each Engagifii module has been thoughtfully designed to serve your entire organization with engagement at the heart of functionality.

Unified Features for
Unparalleled Engagement

The way your team, your members, your vendors, and all stakeholders interact with you and your technology needs to be seamless, simple, and unified. Engagifii’s unified experience means that different department heads don’t need to each have their own software, it’s all inside Engagifii, and if it’s not, we’re likely working on an integration to bring it into the Engagifii ECOSYSTEM.

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The relationships between an organization and its people and/or member organizations form the lifeblood of any association or governmental organization. Keep everything organized so that all of your team members are able to use it to manage every relationship that they form, as they engage your members.


Enable your members to engage with their colleagues and peers when they want, however they want, and your departments to engage your members via channels & devices they prefer

Engagifii LIBRARY

The most efficient way to share any documents, images, videos and other valuable assets with your members and use their consumption metrics to measure Member Engagement.

Engagifii REVENUE

Get Paid and Get Transparency. Engagifii REVENUE is a centralized place for your organization’s finance team to manage and report on payments and invoices.


Track, monitor, organize, analyze and communicate both state and federal legislation with your audience in a collaborative online environment.

Engagifii EVENTS

Plan. Manage. Engage. Measure. From large and small conferences, to meetings and education sessions, Engagifii unifies your team’s event management experience.


A flexible training and accreditation management system to enable any training organization, association, college or university to engage and elevate members and constituents through training, learning, and accreditation.


A powerful and flexible system to design the “steps” that a member needs to go through to get approved for, or to register for an event or a class, to purchase an item.

Engagifii APP

Mobile is the bridge between the virtual world and the physical world. Your organization’s app will be the medium for your members and constituents to interact with your organization from anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Engagifii WEB

“Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that,” - Paul Cookson. Association websites from Engagifii not only look beautiful, but equally importantly, are functional and bring all of the data you deem public to the fingertips of your members and constituents.