Setup Awards/Certifications

Establish your awards and/or certifications that people in Engagifii can earn, including setting the criteria that cause the awards to be automatically granted. Whether awards are static over time or change every year, Engagifii makes it simple to fully define them so that members know exactly what work must be completed to earn them.

Leverage a Single Place for Your Award Definitions

Leverage a Single Place for Your Award Definitions:

Take advantage of Engagifii to formalize the definition of your awards and certifications. Engagifii Awards becomes the single source of truth for how awards are granted and to whom.
Set Expectations with Specific Criteria

Set Expectations with Specific Criteria:

Define the course and credit criteria for earning awards with Engagifii’s innovative Criteria Builder. Engagifii does the progress monitoring and alerts you when criteria have been met.
Generate Revenue from Your Awards Program

Generate Revenue from Your Awards Program:

Set pricing for your award or certification, allowing you to collect revenue that covers your cost and further motivates your participants.
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