Register for Awards/Certifications

Make registration simple and straightforward for users who sign-up to earn your awards. Registration workflows are defined in steps, enabling you to assemble them and make them as simple or as comprehensive as they need to be. Participants can even be “auto-registered” based on attributes on their Engagifii profile.

Define a Series of Workflow Steps that Make Sense to Members

Define a Series of Workflow Steps that Make Sense to Members

Engagifii’s Workflow Builder allows you to specify the step-by-step process that registrants go through based on the type of award and the role of the person registering. Create a familiar process for your members.
Fully Automate Registration-1

Fully Automate Registration:

If there is a standard for the type of association member that should register for an award, then you can automate registration! New members that meet the criteria are instantly enrolled, kickstarting them on the way to earning the award or certification.
Enable Registrations by Key People

Enable Registrations by Key People:

Complex, organization-based memberships (e.g., counties or school districts) often have board secretaries or clerks that manage registration for all the members of the organization. Engagifii makes it simple for these representatives to register large groups of members at the same time while tailoring the registration for each individual.

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