Grant Course Credit

Efficiently and accurately grant credit to members for completing courses offered by your association. As courses are completed, designated (permissioned) staff members can review participation in the associated classes and verify attendance by the participant. Credit can be granted on an individual level or for multiple participants at the same time. Course credit is then automatically considered against the criteria for earning an award.

Control Credit for Multi-session Classes-1

Control Credit for Multi-session Classes

Engagifii handles even the most complex courses including those that involve multiple class sessions over time. Grant the proper credit by specifying how course credit is spread over its component classes.
Reflect Class Attendance-1

Reflect Class Attendance

Ensure that members truly earn the awards they are working toward by tying credit that is granted to actual class attendance.  Partial attendance can be noted, resulting in partial credit, if so desired.

Grant Credit Individually or En Masse-1

Grant Credit Individually or En Masse

Engagifii provides for “batch” granting of credit, allowing you to process very large classes at once. From there, individual adjustments can be made for attendees that had to leave early or missed a class session entirely
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