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9 Strategies to Help Your Association Improve Member Engagement

Posted by engagifiistg on Feb 2018

9 Strategies to Help Your Association Improve Member Engagement.

In many ways, member engagement is the holy grail of association management. The sheer number of members matters little if these individuals don’t actually engage with your content and purpose, driving toward the agreed-upon goal of the organization.

That’s why we commonly come across clichés like membership engagement is everyone’s job. Unfortunately, reality is not that simple. In fact, associations report consistently that a lack of effective communication is a major challenge to growing membership, while lack of membership engagement is the single biggest problem most associations fail today.

Solving that problem requires careful planning and action. Getting members of the community more involved cannot be achieved simply by hoping for the best. Instead, consider implementing the below 9 strategies to help your association improve its member engagement in 2018 and beyond.

Topics: Association Management, Advocacy, Member Engagement