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7 Ways To Provide More Value To Clients With Legislative Reports

Sharon Wells
Posted by Sharon Wells on Aug 2022

Most government relations professionals know that legislative reports are a valuable resource. But what many don't realize is that leveraging these reports can deliver value directly to their clients. In this post, we'll show you how to do that.


Navigating the halls of government can be overwhelming for businesses and organizations. So they're turning to professional lobbyists and government relations firms to achieve their policy and fiscal goals. Your clients rely on your experience, deep policy knowledge, and wide network of influential connections to help them.


They're paying for  your services  RESULTS

At the end of the day, your clients are hiring you to get results. Sometimes the results are hard to get, but if you consistently show your value, they'll remain invested in the relationship. And it is an investment! According to the Los Angeles Times, lobbying firms are charging as much as $15,000 as a minimum retainer, spanning to $50,000 per month or more for full advocacy services, with many of their “billed-for” activities remaining largely undefined.


When clients try to discern what they are actually getting for this high billable rate, one of the most important – yet often overlooked – services that government affairs firms provide are legislative reports. Most firms will include a weekly legislative report as part of their deliverables, but they often stop there. But by taking a deeper dive into these reports – and delivering a more tailored, value-added analysis for your clients – you can differentiate your firm, deliver more value and help your clients achieve their goals.  Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to keep clients informed throughout the year. 




Check out 7 ways to deliver more value to clients with Legislative Reports:


1. Daily Bill Action Report

Engage your clients in their business by allowing them to see the latest legislative updates. These reports provide a high-level overview of the most recent developments in the legislative process. It cuts through the clutter and only shows them their bills that are advancing.

  View sample Daily Bill Action Report (Client Tracked Bills only)  

  View sample Daily Bill Action Report (all bills)  


2. Bill Status Report

For clients who want to delve more into the bills you are tracking on their behalf, the Bill Status report provides a curated list of bills including links to related information such as bill history, bill documents, sponsor, and companion information.


3. Weekly Legislative Newsletter

Deliver a weekly legislative report that covers an in-depth analysis of the key developments. Clients are not just looking for a list of bills – they want your expert guidance. To really deliver value, include analysis and commentary on their bills. Based on your analysis of the key legislative developments, make recommendations for your clients on how they can take action to achieve their goals.

  View sample Weekly Legislative Newsletter 


4. Committee Calendar Updates

Empower your clients' advocacy efforts. When a committee meeting is scheduled that could impact your clients, send them an alert so they can take action. Showing up in numbers and speaking out on issues is an effective way for them to aid in advancing their priorities. And, if you are not already doing so, you can offer services for preparing verbal and written testimony. Make sure your clients verify with their state legislature to learn the guidelines for attending a hearing and submitting public testimony [search here for your state legislature website].

    View sample Committee Meetings Report 

    View sample Committee Meetings Report for Lobbyist


5. Topical Index Report

Topical Index Reports are very useful when researching bills affecting a specific subject. These reports allow clients to monitor any legislation, even bills they may have a personal interest in, but are not on your radar for that client. 


6. Public Web View

Technology integration keeps not only your clients informed, but their members, customers, and key stakeholders as well. Provide clients with a unique url to a web report they can publish on their website that provides near real-time legislative updates.


7. Client Portal (not actually a report)

With a client portal, you can give your clients 24/7 access to all their legislative reports, so they can stay informed at all times. This is a great way to build trust with your clients and show them that you are always working on their behalf. By taking advantage of these legislative reports, you can deliver more value to your clients and help them achieve their goals.


Clients are always looking for value. New developments in legislative tracking technology help government affairs professionals and lobbyists provide increased value with automated client reports.  Besides the reports listed above, you can also create custom reports for your clients that focus on specific topics or bills of interest. This is a great way to show your clients that you are truly invested in their success. By tailoring your reports to their specific needs, you can deliver even more value and help them stay one step ahead. No matter what type of reports you create, your clients will appreciate having access to everything they need in one place. And by providing value-added services, such as analysis and commentary, you can show your clients that you are an expert they can rely on for years to come.


All legislative reports provided above were created using Engagifii's Legislative Management Solutions.


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