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How Custom Mobile Apps Improve Member Engagement for Associations

Posted by engagifiistg on Dec 20, 2023 4:29:14 PM

Communicating and engaging members is of paramount importance for any association; as new methods of communications have evolved, associations also need to evolve. Specifically, what this means today is adopting mobile strategies. In this regard, let’s discuss how custom mobile apps improve member engagement for associations.

Taking Advantage of Cloud and Mobile Computing

When examining mobile device vs. laptop/desktop usage, the trend clearly shows the former overtaking the latter. This trend isn’t lost on modern businesses and organizations, who, generally, understand how popular and universal smartphones and tablets have become in people’s everyday lives.

This trend isn’t a temporary obsession or preference either; rather, mobile devices are popular because of the value they bring to people’s personal and professional lives. And, according to an infographic found in an article on Smart Insights: mobile apps account for 88% of mobile time in the US, which shows the specific importance of mobile apps.

In the same article found on Smart Insights called: “Mobile Marketing Statistics compilation”, written by Dave Chaffey on April 24, 2018, we find a more balanced perspective concerning mobile device usage:

“However, we need to be careful with interpreting data on hours spent, since we spend most of our time on smartphones checking email and using social media…The reality is that while smartphone use is overwhelmingly popular for some activities such as social media, messaging and catching up with news and gossip, the majority of consumers in western markets also have desktop (and tablet) devices which they tend to use for more detailed review and purchasing.”

This information means a few things for associations; first, they must realize the importance of tapping into mobile app usage to reach members at all times of the day and night; second, integrating a mobile strategy shouldn’t degrade the importance of their websites; third, taking advantage of cloud and mobile computing brings value to their brands by adding engagement methods that work.

Fully Integrated Approach for Member Engagement

Again, developing a custom mobile app doesn’t mean an association should sideline other aspects of their engagement strategy. Every medium and method should be used to reach members, which means a fully integrated approach for member engagement should be the goal.

Appealing to every type of member will bring the best results, which means associations should use: snail mail, email marketing, phone outreach, conventions, custom mobile apps, and resource rich/mobile responsive websites, in order to reach and engage their members. Giving members the option to participate through the device and method of their choice will appeal to a wider demographic and improve engagement.

Keeps Members Active and Engaged

Mainly, integrating a custom mobile app into an association’s member engagement strategy gives them more tools to keep their members active and engaged, which helps them attract new members and retain existing ones. Expanding the toolbox for member engagement is something Engagifii excels at doing; our custom mobile app is one of the main ways these tools are used.

What members need to keep active and engaged is: access, information, and ways to participate in the association’s activities. A custom mobile app with Engagifii expands access, which expands the member’s ability to get information and participate in the association. This means tools like the list below can be used through both the integrated website and the custom mobile app:

    • Legislative tracking system
    • Real-time updates on campaigns
    • Updated membership directories
    • Interactive event maps
    • Online registration tools
    • Online course and class registration
    • Advocacy management system
    • Online payments for events, classes, etc.
    • Pre-Post course and class surveys
    • Training and certification system

These are some of the many tools the association’s management teams and members will have available through Engagifii’s integrated website and custom mobile app software.

One of the main ways a custom mobile app will spur engagement is with push notifications. This simple, yet powerful, tool reaches members for real-time updates, so they can stay active and knowledgeable about the association’s campaigns, events, classes, and more. Push notifications will reach members when emails, snail mail, and even phone calls aren’t successful.

Remote Mobile Work Centers for Training, Events, and Campaigns

Associations can think of their member’s mobile devices as their remote work centers; the mobile device, through the association’s custom mobile app, is where members can be reached with updates and engaged to participate in the the association’s training, events, and campaigns.

While many members may use their laptops/desktops at home or in their work space to engage with the association, when they’re at events and away from their home or desk, they’ll use their remote work center to engage.

What this means is members will largely be using their mobile devices when participating at conventions and events. This is why it’s important for associations to offer a custom mobile app with the tools to organize events/campaigns and give their members the tools to participate through their mobile devices.

For instance, with Engagifii’s Legislative Tracking System, members can get real-time updates of bills going through state or federal legislatures.

Then through the Advocacy Management System, members can connect directly with legislators in their districts with already crafted messages with a few clicks.

And for events, members can register, pay, and view interactive maps of the events, all from their custom mobile app on the go.

Giving members a custom mobile app is a great way to expand their ability to be informed and participate in the association in general. Essentially, the mobile app works as a marketing and organizing tool, yet it’s also a remote work center that gives members a way to understand objectives and act on them in a meaningful way.


There’s no doubt that mobile device usage is on the rise within all demographics, which alone is a compelling reason for associations to develop a custom mobile app within their integrated membership engagement strategies. This, in addition to the other compelling reasons we’ve examined should be enough to convince associations to prioritize this strategy.

The type of custom mobile app associations develop is key to maximizing the benefits we’ve discussed. In this regard, partnering with a quality software solution that specifically caters to associations is a wise choice; this is exactly what Engagifii offers: a fully integrated approach custom-made for associations, with the goal of reaching optimal member engagement. If interested in learning more please contact us today.


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