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Crescerance Announces Addition of BillStatus to Family of Companies

Posted by Nikki Brafman on Sep 14, 2020 5:00:42 AM

Atlanta, GA, September 14th, 2020. For Immediate Release

Crescerance Inc., announced today the addition of Alabama-based BillStatus to its family of businesses 

Crescerance, operating now in 39 states across the US, is the parent company of Engagifii, a unified Association Management and Organizational Engagement Platform. Engagifii includes an innovative Legislative Tracking and Collaboration Module that was launched last year.  With Engagifii, customers can get all the legislative data they need from any state, paired with integrated bill analysis and collaboration tools to easily share bill information with their stakeholders. 

Crescerance, Inc. is a technology holding company established in 2011. By creating, assembling, and developing technologies, Crescerance companies are focused on providing SaaS-based platforms and complementary services that enable community engagement across multiple industries. 

Crescerance CEO Namit Bhatia shares,

“Having done this multiple times in the last few years, we are developing significant proficiency at merging companies as a component of our corporate strategy and culture. The trick is to be very intentional with ensuring that we are set up to serve BillStatus customers at least as well or better, post-merger. What Stephen has done in Alabama is impressive. He has a concentration of Associations, State Agencies and Lobbyists (all customer-types we already serve nationwide) in a single state with a mastery in serving that state well. Crescerance didn’t have as much of a deep concentration in the Alabama market but now, with the BillStatus team’s help, we do, and we’ll be growing even deeper roots in the state. Our teams are very excited to collaborate with the BillStatus team on the joint mission of serving their customers well.”

BillStatus (formerly the Alabama Legislative Reading & Research Service (ALRRS)), was born out of a simple idea: to collect all of the critical information floating around the statehouse and compile it into records that could be easily used. BillStatus evolved to combine everything in a service-focused platform designed to empower work in the legislative process.

“The relationship with our clients has always been our number one priority. We know that to maintain that relationship, we must provide them with top legislative tracking tools, but more importantly, ease the pressure that comes during a legislative session,”said Stephen Morris, Owner and President of BillStatus.“Partnering with Engagifii was a no-brainer. Two of the best legislative tracking companies coming together is great, but now our clients have access to a wider array of tools and features that will improve their organizations even more.”

This partnership will bring together decades of BillStatus’s legislative tracking experience with industry-leading technology from Crescerance, Inc. and the newly released Engagifii platform.

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