Professional Associations

Professional associations are organizations that seek to further the interests of the people engaged in a particular profession. Typically non-profits, professional associations have unique needs when it comes to association management.
Whether it is through monitoring legislation, providing training, or by creating a community of like-minded individuals, professional associations are ultimately looking to create value for their members.
Engagifii can help by providing all the tools a professional association needs in one easy-to-use platform.

Trade Associations

Trade associations are organizations founded and funded by businesses from a particular industry. Trade associations are often organized differently than other associations, with organizational members as well as individual members.
Trade associations often focus on maintaining key political relationships with elected officials and leveraging their relationships to ensure their business interests are protected. They also provide education and training for their members.
Engagifii is in use by trade associations across the country because it can cater to the specific needs that they have.

Government Associations

Government associations cater to and are comprised of government entities and government employees. These associations often have large memberships across the state and may be an association of organizations, like cities or counties, or an association of officials, like commissioners or school board members. Government associations provide value for their members through member services, administering training, and monitoring legislation. Government associations across the country are using Engagifii to enhance their member offering.

"Maintaining a database of decision makers and their constituent members is unwieldy especially with the regular turnover that occurs with our political system.

This system takes all of the hard work out of that challenge and lets us focus on maintaining strong relationships with our members so that they will take action when we need them."

Kathy Flyod
Executive Director

"The system provides the ability to manage multiple events for 10 different clients through one system utilizing connected functions such as online registration, email, event reporting and accounting.

We are also able to utilize multiple payment processors for different events."

Amy Williams
Project Manager

"With over 75,000 alumni, producing rapid communication in the heat of a legislative session can be cumbersome and difficult.

We’re able to communicate quickly and efficiently with our members through the Grassroots Advocacy Software. This software has been absolutely vital in helping to achieve our ongoing advocacy goals."

Amelia Hatheway
Assistant Director – Alumni Affairs

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