6 Features Your Legislative Tracking Solution Must Have In 2022


Technology should help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. But, if you're still using tools from pre-Covid days, odds are they are outdated and may be hurting you more than they are helping you. 

Join us as we talk about the six most important features you need to evaluate when looking at any legislative tracking solution.


Why should you choose Engagifii? 

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Engagifii Legislative Tracking Customer Fulton County Government Georgia
Engagifii Customer Alabama Secretary of State

We really loved the committee calendar feature, especially how it showed the bills we were tracking and highlighted our tracking level. There were several times we thought we had nothing going on that day and the committee calendar feature saved us from missing a meeting on one of the bills we were following.

Fulton County Government, Georgia’s largest county, has chosen to use Engagifii as our legislative tracking system because it supports engagement from County leaders and all departments during the fast-paced Georgia General Assembly legislative sessions. Engagifii provides reliable and personalized customer support for clients. For example, Fulton County Government has received software training sessions, bill tracking accommodations for special-called legislative sessions, and hands-on customer service that have made transitioning to new tools a user-friendly experience.

Ashton Crihfield

Director of Communications & Governmental Relations 

Jessica Corbitt

Director of External Affairs

Thank you for preparing [this report] for us. I have enjoyed using Engagifii's Legislative Tracking system this year!

Your Legislative Tracking System gives us an easy way to organize and prioritize bills that are moving quickly through the legislative process. The Legislative Report function is adaptable and easy to create while enabling timely correspondence with our members, much better than the state legislature's site. We love that the system is easy to access and your tremendous customer service is always responsive and quick to answer our questions.

Leigha Cauthen

Director of Government Relations

Michael Pendy

Public Affairs Associate

Engagifii Legislative Solutions Customer National Association of Professional Insurance Agents.png
Engagifii Lobbying Firm Joe Tanner and Associates

California Association of Councils of Governments

Engagifii Legislation Customer Georgia Department of Community Affairs

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