Member Communication

5 Steps to Build a Strategy for Growing Non-dues Revenue

Revenue growth is never simple. That truth only magnifies once you begin to take any type of revenue into account that goes beyond basic responsibilities. Yes, your association’s members pay regular dues. But we already know that on average, these … Read More

8 Tips for Improving Member Engagement At Events and Conferences

The success of any association depends on various factors, including the ability to engage members actively whenever you hold events and conferences. Appreciating the fact that attendees at a conference have a particular expectation and working towards fulfilling this will … Read More

5 Ways to Leverage Association Surveys for Maximum Member Engagement

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Event Planning for Member-Businesses to Grow Your Non-Dues Revenue

When you run a large business industry association, the general assumption is that you are rolling in cash. After all, you appear to be the nexus of thousands of successful business professionals and growing companies, therefore should have resources that … Read More

7 Tips for Increasing Member Engagement for Association Growth

Members are the lifeblood of any association or club. They are the primary reason for the association’s existence and survival. However, many associations are failing to engage members resulting in high turnover and low retention rate. Therefore, it is important … Read More

How To Build An Online Community

The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food. —Dean Ornish Community is essential for the individual. It helps them grow and learn and succeed. And just as every individual needs … Read More

How to Improve Association Member Engagement Through UGC

For most professional associations, member engagement is key to success. Your most active members will be the most likely to stay with you, take advantage of professional development opportunities, participate in grassroots advocacy, and pay their membership dues. But, in … Read More

How Custom Mobile Apps Improve Member Engagement for Associations

Communicating and engaging members is of paramount importance for any association; as new methods of communications have evolved, associations also need to evolve. Specifically, what this means today is adopting mobile strategies. In this regard, let’s discuss how custom mobile … Read More

Defining Member Engagement

For every organization, member engagement looks a little different. Some see it as a greater number of members taking on leadership roles. Others simply care about attendance. There is no perfect definition of member engagement. And it is for this … Read More

How Historical Engagement Data Can Grow Your Non-Dues Revenue

Data matters. And yet, in the age of big data, it’s easy to get confused. As a result, too many associations fail to leverage the information they gather about their members into actual, tangible improvements. Take growing your non-dues revenue … Read More