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No matter the size or mission of your organization, all associations share one common goal– the desire to engage their members. The very first step to engaging your members is to ensure that your organization has a current and correct database of all of your Member Organizations and Member contacts. Engagifii helps with that.

People Concept

Maintaining complete and accurate information about individuals and organizations is critical to fostering engagement across an association’s community. Engagifii RELATIONSHIPS makes it easy to keep up with constant changes and ensure one source of truth. See how Robin makes that information available across the entire Engagifii platform leading to efficient operations and successful events.


Create a detailed profile page for each member person and member organization with contact information, relationships and other core data.

Each profile or organization page provides a holistic view of that record serving as a central nervous system for the Engagifii platform, integrating contact details and weaving in data points throughout the entirety of your Engagifii system.

Enable members to access and update their information with their personal login identity based on permissions that you set, so you can feel safe giving them the access they need, without worrying about the hygiene of your system.

core data
Person Types
core data

We understand and anticipate that every association is unique, and your needs to capture data on a Person or a Member Organization are also unique. Designate a “person type” to each of the different types of people that are relevant to your organization. You call your people and contacts different things than the organization across the street from you and you need to capture different types of information on different types of people. We see that your uniqueness is woven into the fabric of your organization– we’re not here to change that. So we’ve created the opportunity for you to weave that same uniqueness into your Engagifii platform.

Create custom fields for people and organizations so that you can track what’s important to you.

In Engagifii, your custom information area data can be viewed, analyzed, and reported on in almost the same robust and streamlined way as all other standard information fields.


With easy-to-use list management tools, create on-the-fly ad-hoc reports and quickly find the information you are looking for with searches, filters, tags, and more.

Automatically add and remove people from groups based on any criteria you want and you’ll never need to create a mailing list again.

People Group


With deep detail, flexibility and ease, Engagifii Administrators can control all users capabilities throughout the entire system.