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7 Best Practices in Online Advocacy for Associations

Advocacy is a crucial part of many industry associations. It allows your members to stand up for their profession, and is a core part of driving member engagement for your association. To achieve these benefits, of course, you have to … Read More

6 Ways Associations Can Impact State Level Politics

Associations are far more than just ways for professionals in the same industry to get together and socialize. When organized the right way, they can bring about significant social and political change.  In this space, we’ve extensively covered the potential … Read More

6 Ways to Grow Non-Dues Association Revenue Without Changing Your Business Model

Non-dues revenue is becoming increasingly important for associations across the board. In an age where just under than 50% of the average budget for most industry and governmental groups, alternative sources of revenue are only gaining in importance. That might … Read More

5 Underutilized Digital Tactics to Improve Member Engagement for Associations

The daily distractions of modern life represent the main competition for non-profit associations trying to reach and engage members. Cutting through these distractions and effectively engaging members requires associations to formulate viable strategies using new and traditional methods of engagement. … Read More

How Building Your Brand Can Grow Non-dues Revenue

Your association has a brand. That might be a surprising statement, especially if you’ve never actually spent budget or capital to build one. Still, it’s an important consideration as you look to grow your membership and build your revenue. Active … Read More

How To Build An Online Community

The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food. —Dean Ornish Community is essential for the individual. It helps them grow and learn and succeed. And just as every individual needs … Read More

How to Improve Association Member Engagement Through UGC

For most professional associations, member engagement is key to success. Your most active members will be the most likely to stay with you, take advantage of professional development opportunities, participate in grassroots advocacy, and pay their membership dues. But, in … Read More

5 Reasons Your Association Should Offer Accreditation and Certification Courses

Professional associations are always looking for new ways to keep their members engaged and interested. The most popular way to do this is with large conventions and events, but these only boost engagement for attendees around the time the event … Read More

How Custom Mobile Apps Improve Member Engagement for Associations

Communicating and engaging members is of paramount importance for any association; as new methods of communications have evolved, associations also need to evolve. Specifically, what this means today is adopting mobile strategies. In this regard, let’s discuss how custom mobile … Read More

Defining Member Engagement

For every organization, member engagement looks a little different. Some see it as a greater number of members taking on leadership roles. Others simply care about attendance. There is no perfect definition of member engagement. And it is for this … Read More